Jack gets lit

Check out jack wearing in his bro model under lights at Ormeau Skatepark.


Washed x Jack bro modelΒ 

Introducing the @jackdoodsofficial bro model #washedmafia deck 🍻 available this week in sizes 8.0 and 8.25 🍾 artwork by: Calveeno #washedmafiaforever 

Contact us via email, FB inbox or instagram DM πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Washed update 8/2/16

Fucks happening ? Yeah its been a minute, thought we would dump some pics on the line ! 

Peanuts new shades are so clear, check em !


Kmac fence hopping to do the shopping.

  Wax on wax off, kmac lubing up this old girl.

Aint nothing wrong with a lil bump and grind. 

Kmac bs tail on a kit kat chunky for the kids of Brissy. 


Its not that hard to take a flick with everyone in it is it ?

Until next time, skateboarding is ABD in progress. Peace. 


Washed Update 13/07/15

Good cunts = a good day and thats what it was !!!

  Matt n Jack combine for a more dangerous nosestall 
  And they were the 4 best friends anyone can ever have πŸ˜„
  RIP to Matts deck, we even poured some liquor for it 🍻
  This ledge was a sight for sore eyes and a virgin at that, we broke her in nice and easy with a lil wax ! 
  Kicking one frontside pretty much every go and even getting one in a line, keep posted on our instagram @washed_mafia ! 
  What more could ya want in a pic | bolten in a one zee, jack taming the sack and Matt repping dat red hair πŸ’₯
  Untill next time, we leave you wondering what Jack rolled away with on this bad boy ! 

Stay washed and keep it fun πŸ»πŸ’¨

Washed Update 7/07/15

Dont be scared to do it yaself…….

  Matthew has been “training” at a Goldy DIY 
  This ollie is full steeze, give it ago.
  Nothing Shakey bout this guy, always down for the crew!!!
  Smokey “MVP” Harris skates everyspot we go to, stacking clips all day !!!

  Tama switched this flip kick for his bday
  Washed tees tested in the streets 🍻
  Untill next time !!! 

Washed Update 14/06/15

We spent most of today dodging the rain but hoping it rained the entire time.

  We found the key and unlocked this bad girls chastity belt. 

  Brandon popped her cherry with a nice ollie.
  Peanut dipped his nose on this ledge end with those clouds hovering in the background.
  Brandon sizing up to get railed.
  Mr steal your girl aka sir dates alot with a road side 5-0 pop in. 
  Until next time heres some Pizza. 

Washed Update 8/06/15

Fucks happening yeah it’s been a minute, if your not following us on Instagram this will be new to ya……

  Something forgot his wallet so we ended up at our first spot of the day so he could earn himself some lunch money.
  First bell rang and Something had his tuck shop money ready.
  2nd spot was nuts if ya catch what were throwing.
  We felt a little drained so we headed here so Bodhi could get a wallie to fakie, where we also scored the feature when Bolton won 50 bucks on the tree slots. 
  We decided to take some shelter from Hurricane Bodhi which passed through Beenleigh at approximately 2pm, it passed through quickly and no one was injured.
  Jacks local park was sick, Bodhi made bank bro with a FS ollie on the mellow bank.

  Until next activity time, we leave you with a picture of the “BATWING” presented by Bolton.