Washed update 14/11/18

Coupla photos n all that jazz – hope yall enjoy !

kmc bs flip ashmore drains.jpg

Kmac BS Flippin the crust off this Goldy bank.

kmac n beetle flicks-2.jpg

Mac Fakie ledge lines in the invisible pants.

kmac mitchy spit phones.jpg

“Mitch, Check her out oi” – Kmac

padzy fs boardy ashmore.jpg

Padzy FS Boardy feat Beetle on the lens.

kmac n beetle flicks-9.jpg

Yeeee haaaaaaaaa – Beetle and Kmac mid ledge sesh.

mitch mid air spit.jpg

How goods the air at the beach man !!!

kmac fishy fs nb spit.jpg

Kmac rocking out with a FS NB.

mitch bs lippy spit.jpg

Golden Hour BS Lippy by Mitchy.

kmac n beetle flicks-14.jpg

Kmac making an old spot look good again.



Washed Update 24/04/18

It’s been a while inbetween activity so we thought we would dump some of the latest photos from the last few weekends – keep up to date over on our Instagram at @washed_mafia, hope you enjoy and as always stay washed !

courthouse beenleigh stunts-2.jpgcourthouse beenleigh stunts-3.jpgcourthouse beenleigh stunts-5.jpgstteets-2.jpgjack windy 12.jpgunderwood warm ups-2.jpgunderwood warm ups-13.jpgKmac shuv Krook Varsity Kicker long -1.jpgstteets-4.jpgJustin BS smith Varsity-1.jpgkmac laughing with beetle.jpgJack Bs tail varsity.jpgkmac krook Coomera skatepark.jpgmt tambo tractor and truck-9.jpgJack Doody kicky mudgee 3 block.jpgjack smiliong mudgee 3 blk.jpg