Washed Update 13/07/15

Good cunts = a good day and thats what it was !!!

  Matt n Jack combine for a more dangerous nosestall 
  And they were the 4 best friends anyone can ever have 😄
  RIP to Matts deck, we even poured some liquor for it 🍻
  This ledge was a sight for sore eyes and a virgin at that, we broke her in nice and easy with a lil wax ! 
  Kicking one frontside pretty much every go and even getting one in a line, keep posted on our instagram @washed_mafia ! 
  What more could ya want in a pic | bolten in a one zee, jack taming the sack and Matt repping dat red hair 💥
  Untill next time, we leave you wondering what Jack rolled away with on this bad boy ! 

Stay washed and keep it fun 🍻💨


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