Washed update 3/9/13

This weekend was a trippy one mayne!
Tommy gunnest turned 18 , ran into the predator aka sammy green also caught up with peanut, calveeno , paddo , sammy harris and psyfye !

It is pretty obvious why they call sammy green “the predator” , if you ever see this human strolling the streets id recommend you say wattup !!! You wont look at life the same!

Psy fye more colours then ya tie die! Look him n his dawgs up usb – underground sound brigade ! You might stumble across the mice too!

Calveeno hit up this bank wit a half cab flip ! Killing it mang!

Peanut got his angle on with the extreme daddy!!! See here checkin dat closeness !!!

Meanwhile in heaven , Tama enjoyed this crispy view! Bawse!
Keep posted for more goodness.


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