The Michael Lawry Interview

Michael (Big L) Lawry has been killing it on and off his board lately! His flip in and out game is untouchable, Here is a lil insight into how you can get washed and still stack clips!
Pics by Glenn Bucky Hardingham , Tamagenius and Natho

chilling | pic bucky

First things first man ,Most washed memory or non memory?

Farrrrrkkkk i dunno aye, Maybe Bucky’s (Glenn Hardingham) 21st ? That was a ripper aye! We all lost our minds that night hahahahaha, I dont really know to be honest there have been so many good ones!!!

Hell yeah the one’s you can’t remember are always the best, Any words on Peanut (Ryan Petith) ? Heard he gives the meanest directions!
The best directions bro! Just look for a tree and a blue roof or just go where he went!

ss krooks | photo Bucky

hahaha Who needs a gps with those skills! So your hood is reddy (redcliffe)! Apparently your running a lil syndicate of broads at the moment?
Naaaaaa not at all mate ay, Broads? What broads? I got no time for no broads, All they are is noise at the moment , Im too busy getting clips !!!

Fuck bishes stack clips type steeze aye! Talking bout stacking clips word on the curb is Stuart “bruce” Fogarty has a lil stash of your footy waiting to be dropped!

You heard right ghee! Hopefully we can get it out soon just gotta get a few final touches to round it out! Gotta get on that Bruce related shit ghee!

Tailslide | pic Tamagenius

Being on site with “The Fog” would mean you’d have a bit of dirt on him, anything you can spill?

Ummmmmm not really aye hahaha , He plays with his hair a lot tho ! Hahaha

Gotta do what ya gotta do to get dem angles i guess! Heard whenever you skate you aim for 8 clips and 2 flicks is this true? On a normal day how many clips would you say make it to your satchel?

Hahaha on a full day skating i can have anywhere from 2-8 clips but my best score is 8 so far! Usually a few photos come out of it aswell! Washed or unwashed i just love getting shit done!

kickflip |photo b.i.t.d natho

Ohhhh no i was actually referring to your snap chat satchel hahahaha, Isn’t ya record 36 snaps just on a sunday ? Many nudes?

Ohhhhh man yeah fucking hell aye! Im bout to delete it, Im getting over it! Some people just send the gayest shit all day long but yeah on the upside iv gotten a few nudies since I’ve had it hahahaha

Hell yeah sometimes ya gotta deal wit the shit to reap the rewards! Any last words or shoutouts ghee?

bs tail | photo bucky

Shouts to padzy, peanut, tamagenius, Big Mice, Big Popa, Bucky, Jack Doody and all the boys holding it down for the washed mafia movement, skatebiz, benny baller @ 4128 distribution, jashan prasad ! Last but not least stu fog aka big bruce, stu foggy fog, bruce on site, the land mine lieutenant, grand daddy grenade man or horsey mane !!! Anyone else i forgot thanks so much legends!

Here is a clip hope you enjoy


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