washed update 10/9/12

started the day with some breaky , so it was green fairies or these bad boys!!!

after breaky we went to this spot so cozza could teach us how to nosegrind among other things.

peanut has a camcorder again…………..and he loves it!!!after a session at the 3 stair ledge we went to a vacant carpark so peanutoneism could show paddo how to attach his fisheye lens.cozza switch krooks with paddo throwing a gang sign……WM !!!
jack performing a coffin grind.only to cop a board primo to the middle of his ass cheeks.cozza cut himself so jack used his paramedic skills and poured some medicine to his wound.

jack cracked another in front of a scenic bris vegas view…….. then peanut showed us how swagger his moves are !!!battle wounds cozza pays to play……….carpark- 3 cozza-0stopped here for a look , cozza wasnt really feeling it so he tried a nollie fifty.and nollie five o……………….yur fucked cozza!!!jackoneism wax on wax off with a camera in hand.back tail on this lil fella …………….the ground was the smoothest.all in all it was another “grouse” day …………..until next time washed weekend woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


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